26 Jan

Developing of my own rig I finished the feature of multifunction switches (steering wheel switches), then I started to design it for some famous steering wheel base. 

It is available for some type of Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec.

The mounting brackets are made for:

Logitech G25
Logitech G27
Logitech G29
Logitech G920
Logitech G923

Thrustmaster T300
Thrustmaster T500
Thrustmaster TX RW
Thrustmaster TS-PC
Thrustmaster T-GT
Thrustmaster TS-XW

Fanatec CSL DD
Fanatec CSL DD Pro
Fanatec CSL Elite

About the switch

Any role can be set to the original functions of the switches in any game or simulator that the game allows.

Programmable original functions on the left switch:
- Signal light
- Headlights
- High beam
- Turn signals 

Programmable original functions on the right switch:
- Front windshield washer
- Rear windshield washer
- Front wiper 3 stages
- Rear wiper
- Fog wiper

Plug 'n' Play USB connection,
PC compatibility (not tested on consoles).
The PC perceives it as a joystick / gamepad controller, most of games and simulator can use it.
The switches are from a disassembled car, not brand new, but available to order with new switches too.
The mounting brackets are 3D printed plastic, as the box of control modul.

Comment to Thrustmaster:
It can be used with original wheels of Thrusmaster, however, it is not recommended for those who use the shift tabs to change gears, because of the limited space, it cannot be used, or it is inconvenient to use. Regardless, it fits merrily. The factory "baby" steering wheel can be aesthetically disturbing, I dare to recommend the installation of a sports steering wheel...  

Installing bracket to Logitech G29

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