Turn your car to toy
Make your sim real

Simulator rig from car / Sim parts from car parts
Enhance the experience
Make the sim more immersive

Slowly but the first projectors arrived, and I started the new visualization. My plan is to project the game around the rig in 360°, leastways as much as I can. First I placed one for projecting backward, and now I can look back and/or use the mirror of cabin.

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I wanna make videos with using the turnsignal, or the wipers, but I use to play with the hood camera setting, so neither the turn signal nor the windshield wipers would be visible if I would use them. So an additional visual is required, which at least makes the rig even more immersive...

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There was a lot of momentum and I almost made it. I printed a guide rail, for the 5+1 gear, placed it onto the shift lever bracket. I placed one-one microswitches to every gear, and controlled them with a programed Arduino Micro. Every gear worked fine. But the real feeling was missing...

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The own handbrake of the car. It is not a complicated structure and the transformation does not require many elements. I used a slider potentiometer, a programed Arduino Micro, and some wires. I printed a mount for the potentiometer. Check the video out...

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I still stick to the original parts, it is no different in the case of the steering wheel. I thought for a long time about how to solve it. Which base should I choose? These were connected questions, because the method of installation, the price of the base, the quality and the effect of force had to be taken into account...

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Actually there is not so many game where for it is a usefull device. Euro and American Truck Simulator a good game, and it is a good accessary for them, but I didn't really like it. At the same time, I stick to my decision and bring all its parts to life...

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I saw before some years an instrument cluster of BMW E36 which worked with the game, and showed speed, the RPM, the water teperature and the fuel level. I said I want one. Now I made it myself with the cluster of my own car...

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I made up my mind everything will work in the cabin. Included the climate. True, there is no air-conditioning, but ventilation and two level heating. I show you how...

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"The exam failed due to chassis rot and the repair/renovation would have been too expensive. But I didn't want to part with the car. That left two options. Either it stands in the yard until rust eats it, or it remains a useful companion..."

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Multifunction switches for servo base

Developing of my own rig I finished the feature of multifunction switches (steering wheel switches), then I started to design it for some famous steering wheel base. It is available for some type of Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec...

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Lights modification

I made the modification of lights in my own car before some years at the first time. The original color was orange, it was changed to white, and blue. Then I started doing it for others...

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About me
I consider myself a creative person. I used to only deal with playing/writing music, then writing books. But now... Maybe I hit my head. At least that's what many people think. Why did I turn my car into a simulator? Simple. Do you ever had something what you loved, but no longer worked or could no longer be used as intended? I just used my creativity to give a second chance for my car. Not to mention that I was able to create something rare and spectacular. But it is not unique.

I graduated from IT school, then I worked many years as electronic technician. After that I started to work with cars. From repair to complete disassembly, at a company dealing with this. This was the time when I bought the car, what I turned to sim later.

The car, a Hyundai Tiburon (Coupe / Tuscani) from 2003 had hidden rust. This problem has reached a level that was not financially worth fixing.

My biggest fear is that one day I will finish developing this simulator. I noticed from the very beginning that I didn't enjoy playing with it as much as working on it.
So to protect myself from this fear,

I undertake the construction of simulators made of real cars to order.
It is good for playing, racing (e-sport), or education too.

Feel free to contact me.


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