14 Oct

I made up my mind everything will work in the cabin. Included the climate. True, there is no air-conditioning, but ventilation and two level heating. I show you how.

I had a simple, cheap fan heater I didn't use for a long while.
I disassembled, took the control switch out.
For this switch I printed an adapter with which I could fit together with midle switch of the A/C control modul. After that I had to make a consol whith which I could mount them onto the house of the A/C control modul.
I wanted to use the original tube of the air-contition of the car, maybe it was the most simple solution to keep the original design, so I used the original heating box too, but I had to cut it in half, to place the fan in for the best fitting, and the best performance
After came the wiring of the power and control switch

On the modul the middle rotary knob manages the heater. The first stage is the circulating air, the second and third one is warm and hoter.

By the way, the 3 buttons of it now work with the PC as 3 different keyboard function.

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