26 Nov

Actually there is not so many game where for it is a usefull device. Euro and American Truck Simulator a good game, and it is a good accessary for them, but I didn't really like it.

At the same time, I stick to my decision and bring all its parts to life.

Actually, it is not necessary to fulfill its original function, anything is able to set to it.

I use an Arduino control panel again, an Arduino Micro (ATmega32U4). It has a joystic control function. But I have a little problem. Either it's a feature of the controller or it's caused by the button matrix layout, but I can't use two functions at the same time, be it either.

My other problem - the bigger one for me - is one missing feature of games (most of games). Ok, it's lucid, which game developer company think about that there is an idiot, who makes a part of car to a game contoller. The games made for keyboard, gamepad what have push buttons, momentary switches. The actions in the games start when you push the button, and finish when push it again (except for one or two like runing with arrow buttons, but not those that are needed here).In an analog car, usually work not like that. There is self-lock switches, and the actions are working til the switch released. It would looks on a keyboard like you hold a button for keep active turnsignal or headlights (like runing with arrow) and if you release it, it stops. So I miss this feature, and to activate and deactivate the turn signal, I need to switch twice, what is illusion destroyer.

However, to solve the first problem may I will try a joystick encoder, but I think it has not enough pin for all position of switches.

Ultimately there is eleven position of switches are work.

Position indicatorFront windshield washer
HeadlightsRear windshield washer
High beam/flashFront wiper in 3 stages
Turn signalsRear wiper

left switch

right switch

Overall, I think this development would useful for some gamer who could use its feature in games. ETS and ATS are potencial, or some Farming Simulator but there is the City Car Driving, or I saw options for this in BeamNG too. But most of car games has headlights switching (without button hold option), and I would highlight the Assetto Corsa with Content Manager, there is also an option to set everyting, included the wipers too like in ETS/ATS, but unfortunatelly without holding function.

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