10 Oct

August 2022. The car should have to pass the next mandatory roadworthiness certificate at this month. Should have.

The exam failed due to chassis rot and the repair/renovation would have been too expensive. But I didn't want to part with the car. That left two options. Either it stands in the yard until rust eats it, or it remains a useful companion.

First, I had to disassemble the car to the last screw. It wasn't hard, because I already disassembled lot of other cars before, and this one is a simple construction. Many parts were sold, what aren't necessary for a sim.
I had to reckon with the size and weight of the car too. Because I had not much help, and there wasn't much option where I could take the car in the house. Had not enough big hole on it.
So to cut apart the body was necessary.
I cutted the full engine compartment off, and I also did it with the cargo trunk. So there is a car body from pillar "A" to pillar "C". Ergo the cabin.

I had a room for my hobby, like for gaming/VR, music, 3D printing, and else technician work.

At the moment that was changed. It's function remained, but for only one hobby. (The others was moved) After that, the body was placed in two peaces through the window of the room.

The reassembling was like play Lego in big.
Almost everything was back in place in the cabin, which was not limited me in further work.

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