15 Mar

There was a lot of momentum and I almost made it. 

I printed a guide rail, for the 5+1 gear, placed it onto the shift lever bracket. I placed one-one microswitches to every gear, and controlled them with a programed Arduino Micro. Every gear worked fine. But the real feeling was missing.

There was not resist in the shifting, because the resist is coused by the shifter in the car and the car has not shifter anymore. So I should have solve this in the shift lever bracket, but all of my ideas failed.

I'm not saying I gave up, but until I finish the whole project, I will not work on it because I bought a cheap 7+1 H-pattern USB shifter. And it is better then its price says.
I mounted it under the center console so the cover covers it fine, but the lever was short. The only thing I had to do was to incrase the lengh of lever.

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