05 Dec

Finally, I can go forward. Slowly but the first projectors arrived, and I started the new visualization. I never said, but my plan is to project the game around the rig in 360°, leastways as much as I can. Because I have only two right now, and for to project the picture forward is too little, I placed it for projecting backward, and now I can look back and/or use the mirror of cabin.

However there is no game that supports this option. Fortunately recently an awsome mod came for OBS and Content Manager, and with that I can project a separately scene to the different way, by a different device.

I've been working with Content Manager and Custom Shaders Patch for a while now. I have to admit, it's extremely elaborate and professional work, it's no coincidence that I became one of the supporters of its developer, x4fab.

"The Content Manager is a custom launcher and content management app for Assetto Corsa. Consist a complete list of standard launcher features, plus huge extended functionality with advanced ability speed and usability. Faster, more powerful, more convenient. All in one."
So there is a mod for CM, which with we can use the OBS to record the different camera view of the game play at same time. Moreover we can place the selected gameplay view to a different window on another display too, like a projector.

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